Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Loving Serving at Trinity!

I have just had the joy of celebrating my 4thyear as your Pastor at TBC. I must confess there were probably times both of us wondered if we would even make it to this point but, let me state that I am thrilled we have!  I love that we are here and I have an even greater understanding of the importance of spending your life in one ministry. The evident benefits of our TBC family "sticking together" were so vividly demonstrated at the end of 2012, when we interviewed our prospective deacons. I just wanted to pass along some of the quotes by these men or their wives, regarding our fellowship at Trinity:

“It is refreshing to see a group of people committed to the spiritual growth of one another”

“We have reached a point where there is a passion to love one another and we have accountability”

"There is a passion for Christ and people who are serious about their walk and this body”

 "There are a lot of smiles”

“There is no bitterness”

“We are deeply rooted in truth”

"Things are not surface, there is a desire to grow and not just play church”

“Things are real and there is service from a broad spectrum of members”

"There is real spiritual growth in my children”

“This staff genuinely cares for one another”

"We actually worship”

For this love and growth, we glorify our Lord!  This is only a work that God can do through His Spirit working in hearts and teaching us to abide in the truth of His Word. I pray that we stay the course:  I pray that we do not become complacent in this body. With the mission opportunities and the growth in truth and doctrine, I sincerely look forward to great days in 2013 for our faith family at Trinity.  We will all have an opportunity to participate in rejoicing over what our Lord is doing as during the month of February we celebrate “I Love My Church Month.” Please take some time each day and lift this precious fellowship up to our Lord. I love you Trinity and am honored to serve you.

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