Thursday, November 10, 2011

Relections of Thankfulness....

Our second staff blog is from Bro. Bubba Crowder.  Hope you enjoy!  
From Bro. Bubba:
It's interesting to see how thankfulness grows over the seasons of life.

As we walk through year two with our first child (Harper), the milestones she has gone through have been neat for two reasons.  The first reason being simply how fast things change; from scooting, to crawling, to walking seemed to happen overnight.  The second reason these milestones are neat is that in this stage of life growth and development is taking place SO QUICKLY.  Could you imagine if developmental changes happened so quickly for a 50-year-old? It's just incredible to see how God grows a child.

The same thing has happened in the life of our church... God has done a tremendous work in growing the depth of the people in our church.  One of the things I attribute this to is the way He has used the commitment by our BFG teachers to lead their Bible Fellowship Groups.  From teaching God's Word well, to having fellowships, to using their group as a vessel to do ministry, our BFG leaders and members have truly been "the Church".

As this has evolved greatly over the last year, my thankfulness continues to grow with it.  It's hard to look around at what God has done in the life of our Sunday morning BFG's and NOT be thankful.  From combining classes of different ages to multiplying growth in other classes, there has been an obvious work of ministry happening on Sunday mornings.

I'm also reminded weekly of how thankful I am for the volunteers in our Media ministry.  If you were a visitor to our church you would probably think our lights, sound, and video were all run by paid professionals.  Quite the opposite:  our committed volunteers do so because they understand the value of clearly communicating the Gospel, which they help by doing an excellent job of making sure the elements of Worship are all presented well.  They are a blessing to our church!

On a personal note, I'm thankful for the people who weekly go out of their way to minister to my wife and child.  It's an incredible blessing to know that they're being ministered to and they have a place to minister while I'm running around in a thousand different directions on Sundays and Wednesdays.

It's my prayer that each of us take time to sit down and look at all the ways God's blessed us in this past season of life, and in return we give Him all the praise and thanksgiving for what He has done!

Bubba Crowder

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