Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Message of Encouragement and Thankfulness from Bro. Greg Stringfield

As I reflect on the past year, like most everyone, we have had some tremendous “highs” and we have weathered the storms.  Like Nehemiah, we as the body of Trinity Baptist Church, need to rely on God’s supernatural power, provision and guidance when faced with problems, storm or goals that seem unreachable.  At the same time, God has blessed us with incredible members and we need to use all our skill, energy and abilities as God directs in each situation.  We need to find the balance that Nehemiah found between work and trust.  While we work and trust, we must also realize that every success we achieve is because of God’s hand of blessing.  Let’s make sure, as Nehemiah did, that we give God the glory for it all.   

As most of you know my role on staff deals primarily with budgets and day to day needs throughout the church, so naturally I see the movement and grace of God in our fellowship in a very poignant way!  As we were preparing the 2011 budget we had to make some difficult decisions knowing that, without a supernatural movement from God, we would not be able to fully meet our expected needs.   Month after month this year God continues to “show up” in a big way and meet the needs we have.  We have taken the steps necessary to be very diligent and resourceful, but God truly receives the glory as time after time He has met and exceeded our expectations!   What Trinity has experienced during 2011 is only an expression of God’s grace and love!  I’m so thankful that God has led many to respond for the first time in being faithful to their tithes and offerings.  God is doing a great work through our fellowship, so let’s continue to be faithful to the tithe and allow God to provide and bless us with the desires of His heart.   Pastor has just led us through Malachi 3 and taught us how easily we can be consumed with the world and our material wants - and when that happens, we are tempted to rob God.  Let’s continue to be known through our community as a very giving church.   

Thank you Trinity for your desire to have a deeper intimacy with Christ and because of that, we are experiencing growth in our tithes and offerings, growth in our desire to serve, and we are experiencing the fruits that come from a strong Biblically driven church.  It is a rarity today to attend a church like Trinity; a church that is dedicated to presenting the Gospel correctly to our neighbors, and around the world.    

In Him and Through Him Always,

Greg Stringfield
Pastor of Administration

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