Thursday, November 3, 2011

Men's Fraternity Graduation

We recently finished the 24th teaching session of Men’s Fraternity. When I began this fraternity, I had no idea how it would turn out.  I had no idea how many men we would have involved in this study or if they would be faithful to it through the end. My desire was to really push it in our fellowship and hope some of our men would show up. To my surprise, we have had upwards of 60 men (sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less). But of these men, they have become disciple makers, encouragers, and leaders not only at home, but also at Trinity. Words can not describe the honor this has been for me to spend time with these men every Thursday at 6 am. I know for some it has been a sacrifice of getting up early, and for others it has been a sacrifice of getting off work and coming right to Men’s Fraternity (all sacrificing sleep and time). There are many sweet ladies who have had to get up a bit earlier without any help from their husbands in getting the kids out the door for school…ladies, thank you for serving your husband and our fellowship this way.  In mid January we will be starting a brand new class. This will be a new book, new material and a new opportunity for our men… in this study we will walk through the Word and learn how to live out biblical manhood.  It is also an opportunity for new men to get involved. Please take advantage of this wonderful time of fellowship and learning. In closing, I have put some of the comments from e-mails (minus names or personal information) and the impact our Men’s Fraternity has had: Thank you men and I look forward to our next class!

God made it clear to me that I needed this Bible study, just glad I was obedient because He is working in a masterful way.

Words can’t express what this study has meant to my husband and marriage

I am already at the point of dread, not wanting this study to ever end

This has revealed so of “self” to me! God is really working

Thank God for the men at my table and the honest and accountability we have in place

The reason for the change in our home and church has been this bible study!

I could include many other statements, comments and e-mails, but suffice it to say that this has been a blessing to our men, our families, but above all it has been a blessing to me as your Pastor. Thank you and I can’t wait until January!

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