Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thanks for Saying "Yes"

There are three things I always want to celebrate at Trinity: (1) People being saved (2) Babies being born (3) Marriages, new ones and old ones. I thank God that all three happen at Trinity! But, once a year I take a moment of personal privilege and just share one of the greatest things that happened to me in my life. Rebecca Michele Brashear said “yes” when I asked her to marry me! We have walked through this life for 17 years as a married couple - we have faced several surgeries, some joyful times and some deep sorrows… but through life, parenting and this wonderful work of grace we call sanctification, it has been blissful. While we have had disagreements, frustrating times, and arguments, we have never gone through a “rocky period” or a period of time when I have not been overjoyed that God allowed her to be my bride. So, if you will just endure this one time a year – this is a time that I write my blog with only one person in mind.


I thank you for the passion you have for our Lord - I thank you for the joy in which you serve our home. If the writer of Proverbs stood up today and asked the question in Chapter 31:10 I would simply answer him this way:

I have found her sir. She has been mine for the last 17 years. She has loved our boys as only a mother could and even served them as their teacher. She has taught them math, reading, writing, church history, but most importantly she has displayed to them what a godly woman looks like, knowing one day they will have to find one. She said “yes” to me 17 years ago having no idea what life would hold, but she has taken care of me during 2 back surgeries and several others surgeries neither of us saw coming. She has encouraged me in everything from marathon running, to preaching the gospel, to teaching our boys about biblical manhood. She has loved me on my most selfish days, and listened and prayed with me on my most broken days. You ask, sir… “Who can find an excellent wife?”… I have found her, not by my wit nor by my looks, but by God’s wonderful act of grace upon my life. Although most days I am sure her body aches with pain from disease, I, as her husband, can seldom tell. She is the most grace filled, yet toughest person I know. She is a friend, lover, confidant, counselor, helper, sister and so much more. Oh, I have been blessed abundantly, but outside of my salvation and the honor of proclaiming God’s Word each week, I know of no other blessing I am more grateful for than my bride. I know I am not married primarily for me, but for God. But these 17 years have been so glorious and joy filled that, in all honesty, I can’t think of one day that I have ever thought of walking away. In fact sir…I can’t think of one moment I have thought that. To call her a “blessing” is too small of a word - but to call her “my life” would be too big of Word because she is not who I worship, she is not the one who redeemed me. But, she is the one who I love with a love which can only be deeper beyond this earth. She is the one I would give my life for and I give my love and devotion to, second only to our Savior. But should you or anyone else wonder, sir…I HAVE TRULY FOUND AN EXCELLENT WIFE.

I love you, Happy Anniversary.

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Anonymous said...

Bro. Chad,

That is so sweet. Oh how I miss you guys and your preaching. Things have never been the same since you left Dayspring.

Amy Jordan