Monday, April 11, 2011

There's an App for that!

I love, LoveLOVE  my iphone! You don’t have to write me about your Android, Blackberry or any other “smart-phone” you have -  the iphone is King! Regardless of which phone you like, there are amazing things in “app-land” to make our lives easier. A great app you can find at
depending on what phone you have is Fighter Verses. It is a Bible memory app that has wonderful aids to help you in memorizing the Word of God. You can also go to
and get songs to help you, and your family, hide the Word of God in your hearts. This was created for children originally, but a problem for many of us as people of God, is the lack of time we spend memorizing the Word of God - and much of the reason for this is that we have no plan. I want to encourage you take a look at these links - they will help you in your walk greatly.

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