Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Easter Confession...

I have a confession…every year at Easter I am a bit uneasy in the way we celebrate. I have no problem, and in fact rejoice that we do celebrate - and really my issue is not that we celebrate on Easter, but just that we make it so much bigger than any other Sunday. For the believer, every Sunday is a Sunday that we corporately celebrate the resurrection of Christ! I have heard one preacher say: “Easter is Super Bowl Sunday For The Church.” Really? I do get excited that Easter Sunday offers us a great opportunity to preach the Gospel to many people who do not know Christ; those who are only coming because that is what they always do before they go to grandma’s house to eat and hunt eggs. I sincerely rejoice that there are people who will hear the Gospel - and I pray that the Lord moves them to turn in repentance and faith to the one true God. But for the believer, should it be more of a worship service than any other Sunday? Should we come in more excited? Should we come with a higher expectation to focus on the cross and resurrection?

I believe for the Body of Christ, every Sunday is a celebration of our Savior, a proclamation of the Gospel, and a reason to rejoice and celebrate! I understand why the world sees Easter Sunday a bit differently, and I actually have no problem with candy…in fact I am PRO-CANDY! But, I feel like Easter is becoming like Valentines Day - It’s a day that people do “special stuff” but really don’t know why they do it. I love and cherish my wife everyday and I should show it more often than this once a year holiday – likewise, I celebrate the resurrection corporately every Sunday and should do so!

So for clarity…I do not oppose Easter! I am glad many more lost people come to Church to sit under the Gospel for this one service. I pray that many are drawn to Christ, but for the Church - I believe we should have a passion to worship every Sunday, we should pray for souls to be converted every week, and this Sunday is not “Super Bowl Sunday For The Church” but rather another great Sunday for believers to worship our Savior… just like last Sunday was and next Sunday will be. I am happy however, that this Sunday there will be more people to watch the Church worship and may be drawn to Christ through our making much of Him. See you Sunday!

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