Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love Trinity Baptist Church...

Dear Trinity,

God loves you, my family and I love you, and watching God move in our midst is a great joy. I love seeing you love Christ in our worship gatherings every week, and I love seeing your love for Him overflow into love for each other. I love that we are falling more in love with the Word, and the God of the Word. I love pastoring the Trinity Worship Choir and Orchestra and the Trinity Worship Victory Singers as we learn, more and more, how to pursue our joy in Christ and encourage others to do the same. I love serving with brothers who are not just fellow pastors, but friends. I love that God is rearranging our thoughts and affections and centering us, as a Church, around the Gospel. I love that my kids not only assume that when we are leaving the house that we are coming to be with you, but that they want to be with you! I love that we are learning how to proclaim God’s glory among older and younger generations together (Psalm 78:3-4). I love being a part of a faith family that is sending, and going, on mission adventures and seeing disciples made from every nation. In short, I love being a part of Trinity. There is no other place I would rather serve than here. I cannot wait to see the wonderful things God will do in the coming days, months, and years.
Do It Lord, that Your glory may be seen!

Moving Forward With You,

Jon Rushing

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