Thursday, September 2, 2010


In March of this year we began our “Freedom For Tomorrow…Today” campaign. To say the least it has been a phenomenal success! We are six months into it and we have already given a total of $233,213.00 towards our debt retirement. This is not including our “Sending Our Gifts” missions offering that has been given and is going toward all of the missions efforts we support! These facts alone during these tough economic times would be nothing short of outstanding…but, with a little more than a quarter of our financial year remaining things have been nothing short of amazing. To put things in perspective, let me share with you some wonderful statistics.
• The first 6 months of this year we finished every month in the black for our general expenditures, (for those who may not be familiar with that term, in short it means we were able to bring in more money than we spent. I would think this is the goal of every family, business and church in the world.) The last time we, as a church did this, was all the way back in 2005.
• As of August we are in the black for the entire year, the last time this has happened at this point in the year was…you guessed it 2005.
• As of right now, above our general offerings, we are making major strides on our debt and we are giving to missions and sending people out to the uttermost parts of the earth to carry out the Great Commission. This is because the faithfulness of our Lord working in the hearts of His people. The desire is to free ourselves from the burden of debt in order to pour our resources into God’s Kingdom work throughout the World! Not only are we making headway to knock this debt out, as Bro. Lee Pierce stated last Business Meeting, we are in the process of renegotiating our loan to take advantage of significantly lower interest rates and our men have had multiple meetings with multiple banks wanting our business.
All of this to say, in an economy that says tighten down and look out for number one, when God’s people are obedient in giving and good stewards of what He gives them, He works in great ways in their lives!

It has been a great joy to watch God working in the life of Trinity! It has been exciting as we have seen people come to Christ…but also as we watch believers study, discuss and understand doctrine and then as a result, mature by gaining a better understanding of His grace. God is in no way obligated to bless us financially, but He will take care of “all these things” when we seek HIS KINGDOM FIRST! It is our desire that as we shed this debt, to use the resources He has entrusted us with to carry out Kingdom work. Let’s continue to be faithful with what He has given us. I love you and count it a joy to be your Pastor and serve our King together!

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