Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something Different

When I arrived at Trinity one of the things that I said over and over again in several different ways, is that we need to be thinking Christians. We need to think through things Biblically as a church, we need to read solid Biblical authors, we need to get in the Word of God apply it to our day to day life to glorify God. I know we are about a month away, but I wanted to mention that beginning on September 19th we are kicking off our Sunday evening classes again. Depending on what class you take, they begin anytime from about 4:30 to 5:00 and you will have those details as sign up takes place for theses classes. There are several ladies’ Bible studies, there is a “Way Of The Master” training, and several other classes. One that we will be offering is entitled “The Parenting Roundtable” and this class will be led by Brad Walker, Jeff Summers and me. This will be for parents that have children on the way - all the way to parents of middle school students. It will be topical, and we will have group discussions, Q and A times and deal with everything from Family Worship, Dating vs. Courting, views on Santa Clause, to disciplining with Scripture. Many of these topics we will give differing views, and on some of them there may be no clear dogmatic answer. Our goal is to think through these things as a church body. We will bring in some Senior Adults to talk about things they wish they would have done with their children and things they did right with their children. I believe if you have children in your home or expecting one soon, this will be a great opportunity to think Biblically together on hot topics! Look forward to seeing you there.


Anonymous said...

will there be childcare during the parenting roundtable?

MEverson said...

There will be KPs going on for our older children during that hour and I believe there is childcare available through the nurseries for the younger ones as well.