Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I Saw Last Week

I saw a great group of Trinity Students in this building the majority of the day! I watched them in meetings learning how to rightly share the Gospel, I watched them leave and go serve other people in the area, and I watched them being taught doctrinal truths throughout the day. All of that to say, it is a wonderful thing to watch God working in the lives of our students. Praise God for sending us such a wonderful Minister to Families with Students! If you notice, I didn’t say “Student Minister” or “Student Pastor.” Bro. Brad understands that his “job” is not to be the guy that parents use as a contractor to teach their students biblical truth. Instead, he is called to partner with parents in teaching and training students, and their families, in the Word of God. When Bro. Brad Walker came on staff I knew we were getting a man who could teach doctrine to our students, but he also brings us more laughs (laughing AT him AND with him), more life and more excitement than any staff member of any church I have ever seen. Just as in a family it is the sum of the parts that makes the family what it is, so is true with any staff. Sometimes that is good and sometimes not so much…for Trinity Baptist Church, let me say it is one of the things that makes serving here so enjoyable! I watch Bro. Brad love this church, love his family and love our Lord consistently. Most every Student Ministry I have seen does its very best to make students “an island unto themselves” - they are an isolated section of the church at best, but not really seen as part of the church. I thank the Lord that Bro. Brad understands the Word enough to not only come beside parents as they train their students, but also push those students to serve the church as a whole… getting them to understand they are not the “church of tomorrow” but rather, they are part of the Church today!

All of this to say, outside of preaching the Word of God I have no greater joy in ministry than serving with these incredible men we have on staff. I love them. I love their devotion and hunger for truth, I love their understanding of what a biblical church should look like and I am grateful for their passion for our Savior. Thank you students for striving for growth and faithfulness… thank you Bro. Brad for your service to these families and this church, and thanks be to our Lord for His grace and mercy in our lives and in our church family!

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