Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Trinity....

This week there were people of all ages learning and teaching at Trinity Baptist Church! Our VBS week was a huge success and for that we are grateful for God’s grace, but we are also thankful for the faithfulness of the saints of God in our fellowship. On Monday we had a visiting family that, while they waited in line to register their child, they told one our ladies that their children had attended our VBS for several years in a row, but there seemed to be a change in the workers this year. When asked to explain, the visiting lady said, “there seems to just be a sweeter spirit among you than ever before.” To that I say “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”. When someone just comes in off the street and can watch our people work together in a stressful situation (and yes, that first day is VERY stressful), and Trinity exemplifies grace, love, patience and unity among one another, that is a wonderful way to glorify our Lord. We want to make sure that in all we do, in every area of ministry and service, our foremost desire is to honor God! We can do this when things run smoothly but when things are chaotic or they don’t run as we think they should, that is the test. I want to thank our workers for exemplifying Christ this week. This year we did not divide the children by ages, and they went around on teams allowing children of different ages to interact with one another… so, to put it mildly, this was an incredible hit with everyone involved but in many cases, it made it a little more trying for our workers. I want to thank each leader who sacrificed their time and energy, each parent who entrusted us with their child, and each member of Trinity who, through their giving, allowed us to have such a wonderful VBS.

Last but not least, there was a very consistent statement mentioned throughout our VBS, and it went something like this… “God blessed Trinity when He sent us Bro. Jeff.” To that statement I say “Amen!” I have said it before, but I do not know of anyone that I trust leading the families of our children more than Bro. Jeff Summers. I thank the Lord not only for his friendship, but also for the deep passion that he has for the gospel and articulating that correctly to our children. Thank you Bro. Jeff, and “thank you” to all of you for an outstanding VBS! Be sure to be there Sunday morning to let the children show us what they have learned!

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