Monday, May 3, 2010

Recap and Preview...

The visits to this blog have been overwhelming for the blogs about “Family Worship.” I know by the feedback that they have been very helpful – it is always good to see how other people conduct this time. As I read these posts, here is a summary of what we can learn (call me a “Master of the Obvious”).

• You need to have a plan. You don’t need to just read wherever your Bible falls open.
• You need to be flexible within your plan. Don’t make this some legalistic, check off my “to do list” event. You can not sit down and eat a full meal for breakfast, lunch and supper. Most of us are on the go - but regardless of my schedule I make time to eat. The same is true in our Family Worship, every time won’t be equal in length - nor equal in substance. However, we must make time and there must be some times of high spiritual nutrition.
• Enjoy the moment. Especially those families with little ones - enjoy the moments. It is not a “church service”…the kids do not have to be silent and listen to you preach. They may ask questions totally off the wall, and they may not remember what you taught last night. The truth is, we have many members who come back on Sunday night that may not be able to tell you what was taught Sunday morning. The important thing is I consistently keep truth in front of them, and I rejoice when they do get it.
• Be patient. I am so weak and sinful in this area. When my boys aren’t getting something that I have been teaching them for the past week, or they simply are not “as sharp” that evening, I can get so frustrated. I do a pretty good job (usually) of hiding it, but I must confess that I am very impatient. The truth is - these boys that God gave me know, and can articulate more truth at 11 and 10 than I knew going into college. It has taken me 37 years to get my mind around these truths, and I have the audacity to get frustrated if they don’t get it in their minds in a week or two. I am the worse of sinners in this area - regardless if I hide it or not. I have to keep reminding myself that sanctification is a process. In my life, and in their lives.
• Use the resources that are available to you. We have great resources on our book table, don’t struggle trying to figure out what to do. If you have questions talk to someone! Chances are someone in our fellowship is facing the same issue.
• Just do it. There is never going to be a better time to start this than NOW - each day that passes is a day that I miss the opportunity to pour truth into them.

In conclusion, I am going to extend this blog series for another week or so. I have asked a few of the men in our fellowship to describe their family nights. I am doing this so you can see the variety of families that are involved in worship. I also have tried to give you a variety of people that you can come to and discuss your challenges in this. I want to thank these men for being willing to write and give us a glimpse of the worship in their home. I pray that the next three blogs that cover this will be a blessing to you.

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