Thursday, March 4, 2010

Freedom for Tomorrow....Today!

At this time last year, if you would have told me that we would have just completed an incredible revival meeting and would be headed into a debt retirement program, I would have never believed it. This past Sunday, one our sweet senior saints came by to thank our leadership for leading us into our “Freedom for Tomorrow…Today” campaign. In our political world, where much of the debate lately has been about leaving great debt behind for our children and grandchildren, should we not be even more concerned about that in our fellowship at Trinity? While God worked amazingly through our Stewardship Team to make some very difficult cuts at the beginning of our budget year, He has also worked in our church over the last several months, to stretch our faith, to sacrifice, and to have faith that God will supply for our every need. Again, I want you to be in prayer for our upcoming events, praying that God will do a work in your heart and lead us into an area of “hilarious” sacrificial giving. So once again, below you will find the schedule of events for the upcoming month. Please be in prayer for them.

March 5th Leadership Banquet: Because of limited space, this event is for teachers, active deacons and those that will be involved in other aspects of the campaign. However, if you wish to make an early commitment as well, please call the office and we will have you a place at the event. Please understand that it is impossible to list all the servants and those who have crucial leadership areas in our church and not miss someone…so this is the reason we set it up like this.

March 7th Announce our Leadership Commitments: We will announce to the church what the small group committed at the Leadership Banquet. This will be a point of celebration to see how God has worked in the hearts of these people.

March 26-27th 24 Hour Prayer Vigil: If you have not already signed up for this, please do so. We will have people in our church for 24 hours straight, asking God to move in our hearts, to send revival, and to work in hearts of each member of Trinity to lead in sacrifice.

March 28th This will be VICTORY SUNDAY. Again, this will be a day that the majority of our church will commit to this debt retirement, AND we will be giving as much as we can towards our commitment. So, we will commit and give above our tithes and offerings. This is key… if you are not being obedient in your giving right now in regard to your tithes, this can NOT apply to you until you allowed God to deal with that area. Also, this is above our regular tithes and offerings because the goal of this is to free up money for ministry, not to take money for ministry and put it towards a building.

This is a very important time for Trinity, God is moving in great ways. We need to make sure we keep our focus on Him and do not give any place to the enemy. God is up to something great and it is a blast to be apart of it!

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