Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting in on the Blog...

I had originally intended on beginning a blog today on the topic of “Knowing The Will Of God…Is Scripture Enough?” but I will have my first of probably 5 post beginning the first of next week – I am holding off because I do not want you to miss a very important new blog. When I began blogging, the intention was not only to communicate with other believers (specifically Trinity members), but also to use it to continue thoughts from sermons, and to give us a platform to think through biblical issues together. If you will look to the right, or simply follow this link you will find the second blog from our staff. The purpose of this is for the equipping of the parents of our students of all ages. Bro. Jeff Summers (Children’s Pastor), Bro. Brad Walker (Student Pastor) will each post one blog a week on this site to better help our parents lead and equip their children. Due to the snow this week, it may be Monday before the first post is up, but you can check out their site and see all that will be there for you as parents!

There is a major paradigm shift at Trinity in that the goal of our student ministry is not going to be program driven, but parent driven. From a biblical standpoint, it is our desire to come along beside you and equip you to equip your children, not equip your children for you. This is something that we, as parents, are not called to contract out… but we are each called to lead our children in the things of God, to have family worship, and to have a standard of holiness in all we do as families. I am thankful to our Savior for two men who take this calling with extreme seriousness!! The plans and the passion they have for our students and their parents are second to none. The majority of Student Pastors act as if they want to serve as a surrogate parent, but to have TWO men on our staff who desire to push our students and parents toward our Savior together, is truly a blessing. Please become a follower of this new blog and share with them the way their ministry is making a difference! Of all the men I know and love in the ministry, I can think of none that I would rather have my two boys under than Bro. Jeff Summers and Bro. Brad Walker. Thank you men, for this new blog and thank you for your passion to equip our students and parents!

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