Monday, January 11, 2010

How time flies

The second Sunday in January 2009, I stepped up into the pulpit for the first time as your Pastor. At that time I had 2 boys who had left friends and family and were scared to death - I didn’t know you and you didn’t know me. I had excitement because of the possibilities and trepidation because there was so much unknown... and partly because there were some things I knew! There were staff that were talking to other churches well before I came who were led of God to move, and there was a divide among age groups like I had never seen in any church. There was a feeling of being overwhelmed yet, a feeling of being home. It has been right at a year, and now….WELL, I have 2 boys who couldn’t imagine being anywhere else and a family who loves their church family with a deep passion and commitment! I have staff that are not going anywhere (with the exception of Bro. Jeff Phillips, but he and his sweet family will be part of us for a long time as we partner with him in Vancouver) and are deeply committed to Trinity for the long haul. Through God using the enemy in a great way, we experienced a work of God on November 8th like I have never seen in my entire life - that is continuing to grow and shape our Church up to this very day! We have seen more saved this year than we did almost in the previous two years combined, our giving was just shy of $18,000 higher this year, and for the FIRST TIME SINCE 2006 we finished in the BLACK!!! (In 2008 we were in the red by over $20,000 and 2007 we were in the red by over $45,000). In spite of all the changes (and I know there have been a lot), we have averaged only 19 fewer people than last year! This after a change in music, youth, Sunday School, a new Pastor and so on. Now listen - I have said before that we can not necessarily judge God’s blessing by numbers and this is true now as well... As I have watched souls saved, relationships restored, commitment increased, husbands leading their home, an increased accountability, a choir and congregation understanding worship, a hunger for the Word..those are things that are far more important than numbers! If all of our numbers had dropped but we had the afore mentioned things happening, I would still believe that would be a sign of a growing, HEALTHY Church. I ask you to pray this year that God will continue to develop us to be more healthy! I have no desire for a certain number or certain building, but all of us can desire and pray for a healthy church that glorifies God in all we do. This past Sunday morning I preached a sermon on "Pressing On". I shared this sermon with you either the first or second week as your Pastor and am committed to sharing some form of it with you as long as I serve you (that will be a long time). In the next few weeks I will begin preaching a series on The Church. If you want to further understand what God requires us to be, and you desire to see the vision God has laid out for His Body, I encourage you to come each Sunday morning ready for God to move in your life. I love you Trinity and can’t tell you what a joy it has been to be your Pastor over this last will be a great joy to see what God has in store for us in 2010. See you Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Hold a minute Pastor...I thought we were in trouble? I thought the Lord has left us? What is all this? :) Thankful that the Lord sent you and your family to ou church we love and appreciate your boldness!

Bobby Bennett said...

I respect and follow you as my leader and sheperd as per the Word of God states.