Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love Offering For Jesus:

In this my final blog in explaining our Love Offering for Jesus, I want to encourage you again to involve your family in this. We need to make sure our children understand that the Kingdom of God is made up of all kinds of people, some who do not look or talk like us. We are many nationalities, languages, and races with a common King. We have been blessed to live in a country that holds around 80% of the world’s wealth and we must remember that “to whom much is given much is required.” We have been blessed in incredible ways, and we need to use this time to express to our children the many blessings we have because of God’s amazing grace! Below you will see the remainder of the areas this offering will be given towards:

1% Margaret Lackey
1% Farrow Manor Children’s Village
1% Gideon’s
57% Missions Operations

The Margaret Lackey Offering is our state offering. This will go to carry forth the Gospel throughout the state of Mississippi: it will aid the planting of churches, it will help evangelistic causes and will enable the gospel to be carried out effectively. Portions of this offering have been given to some of our people in the past who were going on mission trips. The Farrow Manor Children’s Village, is one of the greatest endeavors we give toward. This offering will help fund emergency and extended residential care for children and, at times even family members. This allows children (many going through very difficult situations) to get counseling and more importantly the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is probably no endeavor in Baptist life that will see more people come to Christ per capita that our Baptist Children’s Homes. We also give to our Gideons, one of the greatest things we can do as people of God is simply place the Word of God in the hands of people. If we believe that the Word of God is powerful and sufficient for all things, there is nothing we can do that is more important than giving people the Word of God and allowing the Spirit of God to do a work in their heart as it is read.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Missions Operations. This is the part of the offering that will allow us to put feet to our prayers. This will allow us to not only give, but to go! This offering does several things: (1) It will help support ministries like Bro. Jeff Phillips as he is being led to plant a church in Vancouver, Canada (2) It will allow us to begin a partnership in the coming days with Bro. Harold Peasley, as we will partner in the coming years with a church in the South Africa area (3) It will help supplement some of the mission endeavors that our Trinity members will go on. Many this the projects we focus on this year will consist of local missions and North American missions. It would be quite hypocritical to be people who give to support missionaries (many of whom we have never met), and yet allow those we know and have relationship with to go without any of our support. As we face this opportunity, let me encourage you to pray and then give out of a joyful heart knowing that this is an investment with eternal rewards. Come ready to pledge on August 23rd , and expect God to do a great work!

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