Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wishing Bro. Brian Wright and Family Well....

In just a few week Bro. Brian Wright will be leaving - beginning a new ministry in Madison, MS. As I stated Sunday night, many of our Trinity Members could give long lists of what Bro. Brian and his family have meant to them and how much they love him. However, I wanted to take a moment and share with you my thoughts about Bro. Brian and use this moment as a teaching time - where we as the body of Christ can learn some valuable lessons from the departure of Bro. Brian.

First, I want to restate what I said Sunday night: I have never seen a staff member love a church the way Bro. Brian loves Trinity. The time and energy he has sacrificed since I have been there displays his dedication to our fellowship…but the attitude in which he does all that he does in ministry, says much more about the love he has for Trinity. He has been a friend to me in the time we have shared together, he has enlightened me on Trinity’s history, and he has shared with me bits of wisdom when he knew it would help my new ministry at Trinity. Over the last six months Bro. Brian has not simply been a good staff member, but he has been a friend and wonderful advisor me. Thank you Bro. Brian - our prayer is that you and your family have an incredible ministry in Madison, MS.

Secondly, I think this will allow us as a church to really think through the way we interact with our staff and other people we love. Bro. Brian has seen Trinity at her worst and at her best, and all of the in between times. We need to make sure in the days ahead that we do not wait until someone resigns to let them know what they mean to us! It is true that Trinity has invested in Bro. Brian, but we must not forget that Bro. Brian has also invested in Trinity. When I first came, Bro. Brian informed me he was in talks with another church, and this seemed contrary to what individuals were telling me… Many had informed me that Bro. Brian had been here too long and that he would never leave. Let’s use this opportunity to remind ourselves that no one will be with us on this earth forever - either they will move or one of us will go home to be with our Lord. Never, believe that someone will always be around just because they have been around so long. God had other plans for Bro. Brian and he and his family will be better for following the Lord, and we at Trinity will be better also, because HIS will is what we all seek.

Last but not least; I have seen written before that “When a man goes to another church he sees it as a graduation (another step in life) and wants people to celebrate, but too often the church sees it as a divorce and wants revenge.” I have spoken with many of you and have not sensed that at all in your hearts; however, don’t use this time to finally “tell him what you think about _______” - use this time to love and serve him. On July 13th we will celebrate with Bro. Brian and his family and wish them well on their new endeavor. We will have a fellowship for him that evening after our services. Use this time to minister to him and his family and let them know how much you love them. As I said Sunday night - pray that this new church will love and honor Bro. Brian as well as Trinity has loved and honored us upon our arrival.

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Angie Wyatt said...

That was so very sweet! Thank you for saying all of this! They will be missed soooo much!!