Thursday, June 4, 2009

On June 2nd I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking to the senior adults of our church. I get to fellowship with them just about every Sunday morning before Sunday School and it is a true joy just to hear the ways God is working in their lives! There seems to be a stereotype in people’s minds regarding senior adults: the idea is that they can be contrary, they don’t like change, they will complain when things don’t go their way, and so on. However, after almost 20 years in the ministry I have found that this is true within every group of people you will find anywhere. There are always some in every class, from 2 year olds to senior adults, who can be contrary or resistant to change or will complain when things don’t go their way! In fact, if you ask my family on the right day, that could describe your Pastor!

The truth is, all of us can have bad days, but overall there is probably no age group in Trinity’s fellowship that experiences more change than our senior adults. They are involved with (and, in many cases, raising) several children and grandchildren who are in various stages and predicaments in their lives, a constantly changing and insecure Medicare program, ever changing and confusing financial times, many have lost spouses, had major change in housing and lifestyle due to income, and most have changed areas of service in the church and community as a result of aging. However let me share with you what few know - when sharing with all of our adult teachers about the change we are making to our Sunday School Curriculum in August (the new study on PeaceMakers), the Senior Adults were the most optimistic, positive and participatory! They had no complaints, and we have had more of this group begin reading Ken Sande’s book The PeaceMaker than any other age group at Trinity!

The joy of being in love with, and involved in a local church is that we can take all of our ideas and opinions and, while they are different, it is our job (in fact it is our calling) to glorify God in the way we handle these differences. The way we deal with change and the way we deal with one another in different age groups must be a reflection of the love of Christ and we must honor God with our relationships! All of this is what makes the Church such a special place - that we can all come together regardless of our ages, and have the common interest of glorifying God. I didn’t have to speak to our senior adults, I GOT TO SPEAK TO THEM! I don’t have to love and fellowship and pastor all the different age groups at Trinity…I GET TO! Thank you for loving us and allowing me to Pastor you, you are a great blessing to me and my family!

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amy said...

I genuinely have the deepest love for senior adults. I work with people of this age group every day as a career. I do this because I have chosen to! I find them as a deep well-spring of knowledge, experience and love. What a treasure they are to all of us.