Thursday, May 14, 2009

What To Look For In A College

Well, it may be a little late for our upcoming graduates as many of them have already chosen a college…but my prayer is by God’s wonderful providence He will put you in a place like I am going to discuss right here. If what we are doing every Sunday as we worship is really the most important thing in life, if Christ is truly number one, shouldn’t He be the determining factor as to where we go to college? Now, how do we determine this? Is it a feeling? Is it just some “inner peace” - not much different than the New Agers speak of? Is it that you just “know” when you walk on the campus? My answer to all of those questions is a resounding “NO!” As parents it is our responsibility to help our children, regardless of their age, turn towards the Word of God to find their answers. There is no place in our lives that is more important to our spiritual growth than the church we attend. Previously on this blog, we have looked point by point at Mark Devers’ book “What Is A Healthy Church.” I would challenge you, if you are looking at a college to make your determination based on a healthy church. If you go to a college town without a strong church and you are getting a continual dose of (as one dear friend puts it) “Babylonian Religion”, is it any wonder so many students leave the church during their college years? We all know the statistics, we have all heard how many college students fall out of church - why? I believe we all share in the blame. Pastors have been too intimidated to speak frankly about this… parents, while many of them are paying for the education, somehow have been made to feel that if their child doesn’t get in this particular school they may be doomed to failure. I want all of us to remember that just because your child has a degree doesn’t mean he will be successful. We must biblically define success for them! We must explain that no matter what they do, they must be passionate about it bringing glory to God. If we teach them by telling them, and by living out before them, that the greatest thing we can do is find our satisfaction in Christ alone and they sincerely believe this, they will be a success. So in short, if you can stay in your healthy local church – stay. If you are moving, base your college decision on where the healthiest church is. If there is a church that teaches the Word of God verse by verse every week, a church that will hold you accountable, that practices discipline, that has small groups that you can serve with, minister with and worship with, then chose that college. As a parent we can not be good stewards sending our children to a place where there is not a strong church, and contrary to popular Baptist thought, there are not great or even good churches just anywhere you go. There may be Baptist Churches, there may be large churches, but there are not too many healthy churches. Don’t sacrifice your walk to gain a degree - you could gain a job but lose your purpose. If Christ is supreme, He is supreme even in our educational decisions. If this is a radical idea to you, you have not thought enough about our responsibility as believers. As you go, remember that Trinity will be praying for you!

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Excellent post. This age group desperately needs our prayers and we need to hold them accountable for their walk (or lack of). Many have learned to talk the talk, but are they walking the walk?