Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Prayer Request

I am asking for your prayers as your Pastor. I long for them and need them every week as I have the awe inspiring task of delivering the Word of God. However, through God’s amazing providence I have been given an astounding opportunity: for about two to three hours a week I have the opportunity to go into a local business and serve as their chaplain. What this means is simply walking through and talking and developing relationships in short snippets of time, knowing that as good times or difficult times come there will be a need for counsel. The beauty of this is that there is only one way I know to counsel and that is through the Word of God - there is only one good thing I can offer and that is saving message of Christ. It is very interesting - I can not carry the Bible and I can not initiate a conversation regarding salvation, but I can be there to offer whatever I have at my disposal when a need arises. I can recommend a church, I can recommend a place for counseling, I can even set up a time so that they can come by the church office to meet with me… I am asking you to pray for many opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, pray for receptive hearts, pray that this opportunity will last and we will see a great harvest come into the Kingdom!

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kelly said...

What an awesome oppurtunity you have!!! Praying that God will use you in a mighty way! I saw the chaplain at the Loop actually had to work the register. Thankfully she was good at it!!