Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Help for the Leaders....

Last week I had the joy of preaching to our congregation at Trinity on the God given responsibility of husbands. As I told our sweet fellowship, I am preaching on this not because I have mastered this, but because I need the Lord to speak to me and convict me as I preach His Word. I just pray that our people show back up this Sunday night after a very long service from their long winded Pastor this past Sunday! As I am preaching through this series, I want to take some time in my blog to give you some resources that will aid your walk (and your family’s walk) with the Lord. I know when I was growing up the resources for family worship were few and far between. The result was frustration for many men who genuinely wanted to lead their family in worship at home, but didn’t really know where to start. If you look at my blog from last week you will find several ideas I gave for teaching your children doctrine and introducing them to “dead people.” You can certainly use some of those books in leading your family in worship and discussing doctrine - in fact right now one of the things we are doing as a family is reading a short, beautifully illustrated book on Martin Luther. However, in addition to those resources from last week, you will find some great options below (many of which are wonderful whether you have children in the home or not). If you are using something right now that is a great benefit, please post a comment so I can add to these resources! Let’s share ideas…. For my family this is the site that started it all. If you will look at the bottom of the linked site you will find that Heritage Builders is about to team up with and will offer a wide variety of new resources. They now have some material for adolescents, but much of their material is for children 12 and under. These books will give “hands on” fun for your children as they learn the truths of Christ. These books have everything from simple crafts, family games, to building a small model of the Tabernacle. Once you set up a specific night for “family night” your children will have a celebration every time you announce that it is family time. Look especially at the books “family night tool chest.” This page simply gives some books that you can read to your children before bed. The book “My First Book of Questions and Answers” (about half way down the page and under “Top Sellers”) is an excellent source to use for younger children as you give them basic biblical answers to eternal truths. This site is one that you need to put before your teenagers and keep it in front of them. Let them post, let them meet other students that have a passion for God. But above all, buy copies of this book for everyone in your family and lead in a discussion about this book! After you read it, help them come up with a way to “Do Hard Things.” I look back and think how great my teen years could have been if I would have had this book as a resource (along with parents who would have rewarded me greatly to read it, of course!)|57|191|57|189|57|204
The three links above are things that every Dad should read. The first is written by John Bunyan, then Arthur Pink, and the final one is written by George Whitfield. They deal with the responsibility we have as men to lead our families in worship. They are great articles and very convicting. I may have mentioned this book earlier, but this is outstanding material for a nightly worship time with your family. It is built around the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and it outlines what you should focus upon for each day of the week. For younger children especially, you will want to read and be ready to explain/discuss it with them for them to have a good understanding of the concepts. This book is good for a topical study. It organizes the Proverbs into topics like “anger”, “selfishness”, etc. This is a very good resource to help you teach properly as you are “walking and sitting”. You will be able to go to the Word of God when correcting behavior and will get to the heart of the matter. A simple way to gather your children around the Word (this covers a variety of ages). It is set up to help you read and walk right through your worship time as a family. If you will look on this site there are multiple resources for “Peacemaking for Families.” We have just ordered the Young Peacemaker for our boys and plan on using the book to discuss the subject matter, and the activity pages as a supplement. I have already ordered the church version of this material for Trinity to go through down the road – I can’t think of any single subject that is more needed in our churches and families today! It teaches how Matthew 18 is dealt with in every part of life. In a day when cowards can slander people on the internet and fighting over petty differences are splitting churches, we as Christians are called to be different. This is how to live out Scripture when we have disagreements, whether at Church or in our home.

I believe if you would use these links, along with my previous posts about “Catechizing Our Children” and “Introducing Them to Dead People”, you will find incredible ways for you to lead your family through the truths of the Gospel and everyone will have a blast!


Cindy T said...

The 'long winded' sermon Sunday night was an extrememly powerful Biblical word. Praise the Lord! For me it served to renew my commitment to pray for my husband. I tend to forget his great responsibility before the Lord.
Lord willing, may I be a help not a hinderance to him.

gmorris said...

very excited about this series. Thanks for all that you do!